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Pricing and what you get

*subject to change*

I do outdoor shots ONLY at this time.

Family shoots (four people and under)*


Senior Photos


At this time I am offering a SPECIAL on Weddings as I am a freelance photographer and new to things I have yet to photograph a wedding and would LOVE the opportunity!  I am willing to do a wedding for ONLY 50.00!  The 50.00 is only for my time and the cost of the CD and editing you get. This is a HUGE deal for anyone as I've seen some photographers charging in the thousands for wedding photos! 

I don't like to limit myself to what "kind" of pictures or shoots to do, so if you have an idea of a venue or something you want done just let me know!

I don't feel that anyone should have to take out a loan to capture a memory!!!  You will NEVER go broke with me as your photographer and I will do my best to make sure each picture I take is a treasure to keep forever!!

*Each additional person will be $10.00 added to total bill

What you leave with:

I will take probably about 200-300 pictures on the day of our shoot (give or take a few) and you will get ALL of your pictures which includes the originals AND enhancements on a CD that is yours to keep!  This way you don't have a lot of prints of one or two pictures and a dozen more you just LOVE but can't afford to pay the cost some photographers will charge for them! 

On the day of the shoot 1/2 of the payment is due and when you pick up your CD the rest is due. While I am working on your editing I will email you a few sample pictures. If you decide you do not want to purchase the CD that is fine, you owe nothing more and we go our separate ways. However if you like what you see you will owe the other half of the total due at the time you pick up your CD.

***some pictures may be used for future advertising, if you do not wish to have any of your pictures as advertising please let me know. I will offer a $5.00 off coupon on ANY shoot for people who agree to allow sample work on my website.***

After the shoot please allow 7 full days for delivery of CD

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. -Dorothea Lange

Mackensavy Photography

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